At the intersection of sustainability and fashion lies circularity, a way of reducing waste while still creating elegant designs that speak to the modern fashionista. One of the most exciting aspects of this movement is the way in which vintage garments are being reimagined and given new life. By repurposing and restyling these pieces, designers are able to create luxury vintage looks that are both eco-friendly and chic.

Circularity in fashion is all about finding ways to reuse and recycle materials that might otherwise end up in landfills. This means taking factory designer ends and turning them into something new and beautiful. It also means repurposing vintage garments, giving them updated looks that are perfect for the modern fashion lover. And when new materials are needed, designers are turning to renewable resources with minimal impact on the earth, such as apple leather.

The result is a fashion landscape that is both elegant and sustainable. By embracing circularity, we can create looks that are both timeless and modern, while also doing our part to protect the planet. So why not try out some of these vintage reimagined pieces for yourself and experience the luxury of sustainable fashion?